Our Strategy

The Choose Tap mission is as clear and simple as a tall, cold glass of tap itself: to encourage the community to drink more tap water. However, we need a plan to help us achieve our goals and recognize our successes on the Way to Wellville.

So, how do we get there? Our Choose Tap strategy is based on five specific target areas:

  1. Education: Finding innovative ways to share information and knowledge about tap water.
  2. Access: Meeting people where they are with tap water by installing bottle refill stations.
  3. Culture: Changing mindsets about tap water by encouraging new practices through executive commitment with corporate and non-profit partnerships.
  4. Data: Collecting vital information about community preferences and refining our strategies based on the insights we gather.
  5. Health: Demonstrating that water is the way to wellness.

And, based on the goals we've set to achieve our mission, Choose Tap is well on its way to not only changing the conversation about tap water--we're meeting people where they are with tap water. In the community. Our community. You may have seen our bottle refill station on Morgan Square in downtown Spartanburg. Or heard about the refill stations we've installed at Spartanburg High School with help from our partners in student government and the administration at Spartanburg County School District 7. Or you could be one of the thousands of folks who have signed a Choose Tap pledge.

Water is the way to wellness. And Choose Tap is on the Way to Wellville.

Join us.

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