Choose Tap Oasis

Important: The Oasis 2019 calendar is full, but if you are interested in requesting our Choose Tap To Go coolers, click here.

The Choose Tap Oasis is a mobile water station developed by our very own Spartanburg Water professionals. It provides an unlimited supply of ice-cold drinking water at large community events. It’s an inexpensive way to enjoy cold, refreshing, local tap water without having to buy bottled water.

The Oasis hooks up to a nearby water supply line to provide a constant supply of water, which is cooled by ice and coils. It has six handles that allow everyone to easily fill up their reusable water bottles.

The unit is perfect for community events with an estimated attendance of 1,000 people or more and lasting more than four hours. For smaller crowds of 1,000 attendees or less, we can offer our Choose Tap To GO coolers. Requests for the Oasis must be received at least 120 days prior to the event. The event must be located within the Spartanburg Water System service area and the request must be made by a current Spartanburg Water customer. All requests are subject to review by the Choose Tap team, as well as availability of the Choose Tap Oasis. You will be notified if Spartanburg Water is able to grant a request for the Oasis. A request is not a confirmation of the Oasis' availability for your event.

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