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When we started Choose Tap, we began with a simple question: How can we meet people where they are? That meant finding new and innovative ways to deliver Spartanburg Water in the community that we serve, and that we all call home. Whether it was the development of the Choose Tap Oasis, the country's most unique mobile water dispenser, designed, developed and created by our very own in-house experts, or through the development of partnerships with businesses and non-profits in Spartanburg, our team is invested in the mission of promoting the value of our very own safe, quality water and committed to sharing the message that water is, in fact, the way to wellness.

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Why should you Choose Tap?

  • Spartanburg Water is HEALTHY. It contains zero calories, zero sugar and zero fat.
  • Spartanburg Water is ECONOMICAL. An 8-oz glass costs a fraction of a penny. That’s several thousands of times less expensive than bottled water.
  • Spartanburg Water is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Did you know that it takes as much as three liters of water to produce each bottled liter of water?

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