Get Tap

There are many different ways to enjoy cold, refreshing Spartanburg tap water. When you're on the go, whether you're out on the town, or at a public event, Choose Tap has options for you. We have developed a variety of ways to continue meeting people where they are ... with cold, refreshing tap. From water bottle refill stations, to Choose Tap to GO portable coolers, to our very own, first-of-its-kind, locally designed Choose Tap Oasis, one of the country's newest and most innovative methods of delivering clean, filtered and unlimited tap water at large public events, we've got you covered!

Don't forget the easiest option: Simply grab a glass or refillable water bottle and head to your nearest faucet or drinking fountain. Your water is safe, clean and of the highest quality. In fact, Spartanburg Water is tested more than 250 times each and every day to ensure that we're meeting and exceeding the strictest standards for excellence. For more than 20 years, our organization has even been a member of the Partnership for Safe Water, which is only open to utilities that have demonstrated a consistent record of going above and beyond the exceedingly strict regulations that govern water distribution in the United States. For more information, read our Annual Water Quality Report.



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