Community Pride

Tap water is a community’s greatest equalizer. What flows from our taps doesn’t recognize or accept boundaries of class or poverty or society. Everyone has access to the same product and service, and it treats us all the same. It is all ours.

The Way to Wellville team calls the Community Pride target area its “wildcard.” There are very few examples of a community working together to build confidence in local resources as a means to driving measurable improvements in health and wellness. That’s what makes this goal such an intriguing challenge, and what sets Spartanburg apart from other communities.

Imagine the possibilities: Our local water is a part of who we are as a thriving and historic community. If water makes up nearly 70 percent of our bodies as human beings, then Spartanburg Water is, indeed, a big part of us—literally. We should be bold, brave and well and embrace this “wild card” effort through living, loving and drinking local. What better way to celebrate our community and its local resources than to make its very own water, straight from the tap, the beverage of choice in Spartanburg?

We’ll drink to that!

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