Corporate Partners: Water is Everyone's Business

What if the actual watercooler talk in your company was all about tap water? Why not ditch the prepackaged water for your meetings, as well as those big and bulky plastic water jugs, and live, love and drink local?

The Choose Tap movement is firmly based on the value of partnerships. Our business and non-profit partners are leading their organizations by helping promote the value and economy of local tap water to their employees. Whether it's through the installation of a water bottle refill station (that has a nifty counter to track how many disposable plastic bottles you've kept out of the landfill) or simply placing a couple of Choose Tap reusable pitchers on the table for your next board or committee meeting, we are excited to meet with you and help your organization make a great executive decision to Choose Tap.

The student government representatives at Spartanburg High School and District 7 did just that. We asked them if they would consider switching from prepacked bottled water in exchange for a couple of new indoor bottle refill stations. They agreed, and Dr. Russell Booker, the superintendant, signed a corporate pledge on behalf of the entire district, to help his students see the value of local tap water. As a result, we worked with the students to find the perfect location for their new refill stations, and they're a huge hit!

If you want to know more about how to become a Choose Tap corporate or non-profit partner, please contact us today!

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