About Choose Tap

Welcome to a new way of thinking about water: Choose Tap by Spartanburg Water.

We developed Choose Tap to promote the value of our local water by finding new and innovative ways to encourage the community to consider the significant benefits to turning on the tap. Tap water is healthy, more convenient, more affordable and more environmentally friendly than pre-packaged bottled water. 

The delivery of safe, clean, quality drinking water is a commitment that has defined Spartanburg Water’s role since the beginning. When the water system was originally founded in 1887, our leaders invested their energy into the creation of a world-class utility that would always be looking to the future, ensuring that generations to come would know—and taste—the value of water, locally sourced from our own precious natural resources. Innovation is the lifeblood of our continuing development as Spartanburg’s chief steward of our shared water resources.

As this community has grown and changed and progressed throughout the last 130 years, Spartanburg Water has always been searching for new and creative ways to not only deliver the water that sustains us as a community, but also to promote the value of how it's treated and cared for and, ultimately, delivered to our homes and businesses. With the phenomenal growth of the bottled water industry, it can be easy to forget that delicious water is available straight from the taps in our homes. It’s fresh, local and brimming with the pride and promise that led to the creation of Spartanburg Water.

We’re grateful for your interest and invite you to join us in our effort to encourage the City of Spartanburg—and beyond—to live, love and drink local.



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